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Filled with wacky characters, The Explorers Club is a delightful spoof by Nell Benjamin. Better known as a lyricist (Mean Girls, Sarah Plain and Tall, and Dave) or lyricist/  composer (Legally Blonde), Benjamin wrote this non-musical comedy in the politically incorrect style of a zany Marx Brothers romp..

--DC Metro Theatre Arts

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Fiske easily steals the prize for grandest whiskers in the cast despite a very nice beard sported by intrepid explorer and macho dimwit, Sir Percy (Kirk Lambert).


Sir Percy is wonderfully egocentric, blithely losing fellow expedition members left and right. Combining Ernest Hemingway and Thor Heyerdahl, Lambert is delightfully dense, as can be gleaned from his exploration for, and supposed discovery of, the East Pole.


Local theatre gems exist everywhere and The Little Theatre of Alexandria is definitely one of the DC area’s theatrical treasures. An exceptional cast brought Halloween to Old Town Alexandria with its opening night of Dracula.

--DC Metro Theatre Arts


Kirk Lambert’s wise Van Helsing could have walked out of the pages of Stoker’s book and onto the stage. He was utterly believable as a professor from the Victorian era. His initially diffident manner grew quietly commanding, conveying the gravity of the situation as the stakes (ha) got higher. --  Megan Anne Fraedrich

From the writer of the critically acclaimed Netflix drama, The Crown, playwright Peter Morgan takes you behind the scenes of Buckingham Palace. For the past 60 years, Queen Elizabeth has met with each of her 12 prime ministers in private, weekly meetings at Buckingham Palace.  

  I played PM Gordon Brown.


Macomb Theater Company presents:  

The Big 'A': Scenes from a Vanishing Landscape

-- … and the actors, especially Kirk Lambert as the dad, Alan, Lois Bernstein as his wife Janice, and Mack Leamon as Lou, succeed mightily; playing their roles with such vulnerability and courage. This is highly personal stuff going on in The Big A, and we are fortunate to be taken on this journey with these brave souls.


--In a scene where Lambert calls his son to complain about his caretaker having to be near him when he bathes, Lambert delivers a powerful and heartbreaking performance. – DC Metro Theater Arts


--Lambert effectively conveys Alan’s isolation and fear in some of the play’s most impactful moments.  – DC Theatre Scene

"Living truthfully within imaginary circumstances"


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